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BPC News

Tuesday July 9:

Gas for odd numbered units will be shut off temporarily for an hour to an hour and a half between the hours of 8am to 12pm due to a need to service a unit on that side of the property.

The BPC pool is open as long as we satisfy testing of 4x daily.

Please consider volunteering if you are on the property.

Hours are 8am-Sunset.

Use of pool is for people staying on the property only.  This does include renters staying as guests. 

Owners inviting friends and family to use the BPC pool without being in attendance is prohibited. You should be an owner staying on the property and in attendance with your guests.

Thank You!

Coming winter 2024-25

Winter Closings - water shut offs:


BPC has been severely challenged in finding an alternate vendor to perform water shut off and winterizations.  The increase in cost from Bayside has been jarring.  Although we've had fewer units and tasks for them to contend with, their increased prices have still surpassed all expectations.  Because of this, it's been determined that all winterized owners staying open year-round will be responsible for any winterization needs for their own unit(s).  This would include Rinnai-to- hot water heater switch outs and outdoor plumbing shut offs such as outside faucets, sinks and showers.

Annual Owners' Meeting
Sept 10, 2024

The annual owners' meeting will take place via webinar,  September 10 at 6:30 pm.  To receive the webinar registration link you will need to provide an email address.

Nominees to serve on the BPC Association Board of Directors:  

There are 3 seats up for the next term of 2024-2026.  We are collecting nominations as of now up until Sept 1.  Voting will occur via electronic polling during the association webinar.  To nominate someone, please complete this form.  Nominations will end September 1 and all nominees will be contacted afterward, asked if they accept and request they provide any information about themselves they would like to provide to the community for consideration.


Proxies for voting: If you will not attend the annual meeting in September,  please provide your proxy to Secretary Mike Connolly by SEPTEMBER 1. 

2024 Visitor Parking Passes

Our visitor parking passes have a new look this year.  Each Unit will receive 1 rear view mirror hanger.  Each hanger is identified with a hologram sticker containing a registration code that has been assigned to your unit.  Click on the button below to access the online form to receive your pass. We prefer one pass per unit but if you do need an additional pass, please make note in the comments section of our form. Should it get lost, contact Jake and she will assign a replacement.

Provincetown Sewer Mailer

BPC owners can disregard the mass mailer you received recently from the town regarding sewer connections. No action is required  on your part. BPC is not part of the Provincetown sewer system at this time - we have a working Title V septic system(s) in place. 

The town is aiming to have all residents be on the town sewer system by 2030. Our septic service vendor recommends we keep our planned inspections for this year. Ideally they will pass and if so, buy the Association more time to prepare for betterments with a deadline of 2030.

More details to follow.

Betterment-Cost (

  • PLEASE DO NOT ABUSE YOUR DUMPSTER PRIVILEGE.  Unfortunately, we may have to consider surveillance cameras on the property as owners continue to attempt to dispose of items prohibited by our trash removal service.  We urge all owners to consider purchasing a Provincetown Transfer Station sticker.  Information how to do so can be found on the town website: Owners caught violating the Dumpster Rules or erroneously and illegally leaving miscellaneous items on the property as in invite for others to take for free, will be subject to fines from the association, along with the cost incurred of removal of items.

  • US MAIL:  Please do not have mail delivered to Beach Point Club.  If you must receive mail, we strongly urge you get a post office box.  There is no one on the property to collect, sort and distribute mail and the existing box gets stuffed and overflows.

  • Pet registration - If you will not be registering your pet this season, please let Lucy at Roderick's Payroll know.  Moving forward in the future, the $100 pet fee will be automatically be billed in January for the year.

    For any new owners with pets, or previous owners who now have pets, please complete our
    pet registration form and send to Rodericks Payroll to Lucy's attention, along with the $100 fee. Please send a photo of your pet (s) to Jake at:

Things of Note:

Trash & Transfer Station

We strongly suggest you invest in purchasing a permit for the Transfer Station in Provincetown. Cost is $25.  To do so you will need to provide a vehicle registration and proof of residency such as a utility bill.  Details can be found with this link:

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